Rebuilding Days

Rebuilding Days are made possible thanks to RTMD's amazing partners. Through these event days, we are able to perform many larger repairs on homes and community centers that have a greater scope and require many more volunteers than the typical year-round repair work RTMD performs.

Working together as a team outside the office makes for a better team inside the workplace. By partnering with RTMD for a Rebuilding Day, your team of employees will work together over the course of one day to help revitalize a home with critical repairs. All projects are overseen by RTMD staff but it’s your team that makes the difference.

Rebuilding Days are a wonderful opportunity for companies to enrich the lives of their employees, strengthen the team relationships, and positively impact the life and home of an older adult, veteran, or person living with a disability. These one-day projects produce a lasting impact toward the RTMD mission of providing a safe and healthy home for everyone.

For this program, Rebuilding Together will provide a project home or community organization that meets specific criteria deserving of your service, a project coordinator who will plan the project and purchase project materials, and a project supervisor to assign tasks and provide instructions to your volunteers on the project day. By participating in a Rebuilding Day, your group will experience the reward that comes with making a long-lasting and visible impact in the home of a low-income senior, family, or person with disabilities.

Rebuilding Together teams complete repairs such as: general cleaning, interior and exterior painting, removing old and hazardous carpeting, installing hard-surface flooring, hanging new doors, installing grab bars and ADA toilets in bathrooms, installing handrails on porches, and many more needed repairs.

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